HIFEM is one of the first body contouring treatments that uses technology to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. The treatment works by delivering high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to the chosen area of the body, stimulating thousands of powerful muscle contractions. At a rate of around 20,000 contractions in one 30 minute session, the effects on the body are greater than can be experienced through an intense workout.

Visiting the gym regularly is a past-time that is enjoyed by many people. As well as helping to relieve stress and release energy, this activity is also a great way to keep fit and stay in shape. In some cases, stubborn fat can be difficult to shift, despite the hours put in at the gym. This can be a frustration, as well as causing self-consciousness when the body shows visible pinchable pockets that disrupt the body’s sleek curves.
Our body contouring experts can establish a suitable treatment plan that addresses your individual needs. The results will develop in around 2 – 6 weeks when a firmer, more toned look to the body will become evident. HIFEM has noticeable effects on the definition and contouring of the chosen area it has been chosen to treat, with many patients also experiencing a loss of up to 19% in body weight


£200 Per Session/Area

Courses available, also part of our Medical Membership, see below for details.



Do you suffer from Urinary incontinence,
stress incontinence from child birth,
decreased sexual satisfaction?

We know child birth has a huge impact on the weakening and deterioration of the pelvic floor muscles leading to that slight leak with a cough, a sneeze, laughing too hard or running and gym workouts. But its not just child birth that can effect us here, the natural aging of the body including menopause can also contribute to this leaving this group of muscles unsupported.

During this treatment you will sit back and relax on the device fully clothed, whilst the machine does all the work for you using electromagnetic technology to stimulate pelvic floor muscles.

Using High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation, this generates thousands of contractions in the pelvic muscles, almost equivalent to doing 11000 pelvic floor exercises which is impossible to achieve with just our daily Kegels!!
This is such an easy, quick and simple treatment. Needing just around 30 minutes per session, sit back, fully clothed and allow the chair to do the work. This is a painless feeling just a slight contraction sensation and tingle, resuming your normal daily activities straight away.  Every individual is different however it is recommended to have a course of treatments 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks.  This amazing treatment is a life changer and gives women a lot more confidence and freedom to do things they have shyed away from.

£200 per session

Courses available, also part of our HIFEM Membership £100 for 3 month membership giving exclusive use and discount to sessions.


Membership fee of £100 upfront gives you this exclusive offer for 3 months.

(Consultation is required)
Your membership gives you access to use our HIFEM machine for £35 per area

(maximum use twice a week per area)
Or why not treat 2 areas on the same side of the body at the same time for £50 per session instead.