Manual Lymphatic Drainage has an endless amount of benefits.  It can stimulate and regulates the lymphatic system eliminating toxins, speeding up our metabolism, improving blood circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and sleep, Helps with post surgery recovery reducing water retention, swelling and puffiness.  It can also be hugely beneficial for women in the menopause.

Wood therapy has been practiced for centuries for therapeutic purposes and only recently in the last 40 years was developed to tone and sculpt areas of the body such as stomach, bum and back of thighs.  It is considered 100% a natural technique using wood tools and techniques to balance energy, relieve stress, muscle and joint pain. Also an extra bonus, it breaks down them little pockets of fat deposits that collect just below the surface of the skin giving that puckering or dimpled look mostly found on the outer thigh, back of thighs and bum known as cellulite.  Cellilite is very common with around 85%-90% of adult females having this.

Combining Wood therapy with manual lymphatic drainage massage allows us to eliminate and reduce localised fats and toxins as well as sculpting and toning areas of the body.

This treatment can be tailored focusing on areas of concern starting with wood therapy followed by lymphatic massage in the same appointment.  Most common areas for wood therapy are stomach, bum and back of thighs and lymphatic massage can be anywhere on the body including the face.


Prices based per area/per treatment. Recommended to treat every 72 hours for a course of 6.



This Lymphatic drainage suit is the perfect add on to your facial treatment giving you the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage but cutting down the time when your on the clock!!
This is an invigorating compression therapy system that activates the lymphatic system to help effectively push out toxins and increase circulation.

Your lymphatic system acts as a 1 way detox channel for your body. It also plays an important part in delivering essential nutrients all the way from your brain to the bottoms of your feet. Over time these lymphatic channels can break down resulting in swollen tissues around your legs ankles and feet.

The suit straps around your upper arms, stomach and thighs. Each part inflates and deflates at different times starting at the feet working its way up your body to the stomach and arms giving you a 360 degree treatment. It uses controlled air pressure to manually move excess fluids, toxins and waste through the lymphatic system.

The treatment can

*Reduce cellulite and volume in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, and legs — areas that are often affected by water retention.
*Reduction in volume around the waist, thighs, arms & legs.
*Faster Athletic recovery from sore muscles
*Reduction in the appearance of cellulite, varicose veins and bloating
*Relaxation & rejuvenation

Prices start from £30